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Sara Bareilles. Like, seriously. I am hugely in love with her, with her voice and her lyrics and her piano. And she’s gorgeous, but that’s not why I’ve been listening to her albums on repeat.

Some favorites:

Many the Miles

Bottle It Up

And the Postelles, on a slightly different note (ha!). I saw them play a couple of months ago, they were opening for Chuck Berry when I finally got around to going to see him play (while he’s still alive).

And I fell in love. I’m crap at describing music in words, but they’re sort of old-school rock and roll meets hipster/rockabilly tendencies? Maybe? I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Just listen, is all.

Blue Room (the proper recording, from the album, is better, less treble-y)

Sleep on the Dance Floor

Hipsters. I know, right? They’re for making fun of, not liking. But… I don’t know, I’m sort of fascinated.

This helps a LOT:

It’s a beautiful combination of hipsters and the fifties, and I approve whole-heartedly. Yes, it helps that it’s Alex, Arthur, Karen, and Matt. In America. At the NYC premier of season 6. (so much love)

Which brings me to…

Knitting! I finished my first TARDIS sock:

There’s a bit of detail I have to go back and stitch in (‘police box’ and window panes) but all the ends are woven in, which is exciting!

Also: Pinterest, being almost done with college, wine (always), Doctor Who ovviamente, The X-Files, Netflix. Fresh fruit! It’s finally spring.