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  • travel. Visit friends in far-off cities, see the country if not the world.
  • budget. Set ’em, and keep ’em. Budget time, budget money, and quit being so wasteful of both.
  • be a twentysomething. I have this bad habit when I’m living at home of not seeing my friends, not being terribly independent, being lazy, etc, etc. That needs to change.
  • exercise! Yoga, definitely. Running as well. Regularly, building strength and endurance (and flexibility).
  • move out of my parents’ house. Yes, I love them, and yes, I like them, but I am used to having my own space now, and I miss it.
  • meet new people. Maybe romantically?
  • get another job, or two, so I can afford some of these things–like not living at home.
  • read.
  • figure out how to live my life now that it no longer revolves around school. Think about the future, about my career.
  • start working towards certification.