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There are these bloggers out there in the intertubes that have made bucket lists (though most of the ones I’ve seen don’t call it that) and write about the experiences these lists lead them to have. I think it’s a pretty interesting idea, and I love lists (more on that later), but a bit more big-picture than I can handle right now. So, I’m going to do a pro-rated “22 before I’m 23;” my birthday’s only 4 months away, so 22 things seems a bit ambitious. I’ll call it 8 things and be done.

  1. Enroll in & begin a Master’s program to become an English teacher.
  2. Finish bookcase & desk projects.
  3. Find a second job.
  4. Declutter room! (Donate/trash lots of things.)
  5. Knit 5 gifts for family members. (Plus a sweater for me!)
  6. Read 6 books for fun.
  7. Read in Italian an hour a week; speak it monthly or more.
  8. Develop exercise habits: practice yoga and jog.