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All I want to do right now is knit. I think I’ve got some sort of completion high from finally finishing my Augusta cardigan (real pictures forthcoming) and having full use of my formerly-fractured thumb. And, maybe it has a little to do with having to do only a tiny amount of work before my classes are over. Maybe.

And, my room is a huge mess and I should fix that.

But, but… TARDIS charts (that I’m making) for my sister’s mittens. They’re going to be awesome. I have the yarn and even swatched for Aidez (for a knitalong that is in its last week). And I’m working on a pair of socks. All of these are so much more fun than the things I have to do.

(Geeky) Mitten Inspiration!

Anyway. I just felt sort of guilty to my poor neglected blog, so this is just a ‘hey, what’s up, blog?’ sort of post. How’s it goin’?