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Happy solstice!

The longest night of the year, you know.

I’m 23 today. I was going to do a ’23 before 24′ list, because I like the idea of setting goals to be achieved while I’m a certain age, but I was having a hard time figuring out where to start. Until I read this. Nicole’s meticulously organized process was just the sort of hand-holding I needed to set some real, concrete, achievable, clearly-articulated goals. (She’s awesome.) Following her six-step process was fun & I could concentrate on deep thoughts about my life and my goals and all that, instead of thinking about what to think about.

First, the eff yeah! list. While I was 22, I wrote a longish scholarly work (the thesis of doom); graduated from college; traveled to England, Italy and Greece with my bff; came out as bi to my family; went on a vacation by myself (outside of study abroad); started an MAT program; and knit my first sweater. Wow!

There was no word for 22, because I had no goals. Well, to graduate college and be a good person, I guess. Anyway. The word for 23 is doing. Less thinking “I should do this or that” and more of actually doing things. (Probably less mindless absorption of the Internet would help.)

I’m not going to detail every single goal (all 27 of them), but my life buckets are career (namely, working towards being a teacher); growing up (mostly pertains to setting up my life outside of my parents’ house); health; italiano (maintaining my ability to speak it); organization; pastimes/hobbies; social awareness (and politics); and travel.

I think my biggest problem will be sticking with this plan, and not letting laziness get in my way. I have a tendency to make a plan and then gradually start putting things off until it’s been three months since I went for a run. Hopefully, having 27 different goals for the month that I can try to check off will help. And making new mini-goals every month, so each month is sort of like a fresh start.

Appropriately, this is a Shatterboxx design.

Let’s do this!