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Sunset over St. Louis

The top of the year,  the top of the Arch. I started 2012 getting a cold, and then getting a migraine, which sucked (and hasn’t gone away yet). But in and amongst feeling poorly, I went to the top of the Arch with my family. Monday the 2nd we all had the day off. I’d gotten to go to the top of the Arch after dark as part of my college’s freshman orientation and suggested that the family go do it, because it’s really incredible to look out over the city at night from 630 feet up. It only took us 4 years to get around to it. The Arch closes at 6, so the last tram to the top is at 5ish, and they hurry you out of there pretty quickly. Even less than 2 weeks after the solstice, our window of opportunity was fairly short, and the only way to see this view in the summer is to rent the Arch. It’s no wonder it took us four years and a very concrete plan to make this happen.

The Old Courthouse

It’s totally worth it.