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I’ve been getting bloggier lately, because I have all these thinks I’m thinking and they demand to be expressed. I thought I would make due with tumblr, because I have friends there and am already managing the fandom/politics divide over there, but recently I’ve realized that won’t work.

Tumblr is great and all, but it’s too easy to be detached from the content I’m experiencing. I don’t know (or care) why I have this problem with tumblr and not with traditional blogging platforms, but I can’t think meaningful thoughts while I’m scrolling through my dashboard. I can see something and have an emotional response, but it’s too easy to just scroll past or click ‘reblog.’ My personal tumblr is a representation of who I am through things other people have created.

There’s nothing wrong with defining or representing yourself in the context of others and their creations; none of us exists in a void, after all. But I am a creative person. I make things, and I have complex thoughts, and I like to talk about everything (practically). A collection of other people’s stuff doesn’t do me justice.

(I tried to write & post this to tumblr, but it didn’t work. My mind went completely blank. I reblogged a picture of Sir Patrick Stewart with a mustache made of cotton candy, instead.)